In an incredible display of RAW HONESTY, top internet marketer Russell Brunson reveals all the specific gritty details about what it takes to actually succeed in online business...

"How A Knuckleheaded Wrestler Accidentally Stumbled Upon One DARN BIG SECRET To Launching A Seven-Figure Online Business With NO Money and NO Time Between Classes and Wrestling Practice…

…And How You Can Learn His “Insider” Secrets To Humiliating Your Competition, Kissing Your Boss Goodbye, And Living A Life Of Abundance…Even If You’ve Never Heard Of A Squeeze Page Or Autoresponder!

Here's your chance to finally jump off the ebook merry-go-round and create your OWN online empire selling your OWN information products!



From: Russell Brunson
Dot Com Secrets

Dear "Soon To Be Raking It In" Friend,

I never thought I'd be writing this letter...

You see less then 2 years ago I graduated from Boise State University with a 2.3 grade point average.  In fact, I received a "C" grade in my marketing class and was told by my teacher that my ideas "wouldn't fly in the real world."

So, why am I writing this letter showing YOU how you can create your own products and make hundreds of thousands of dollars marketing YOUR OWN ideas...?

Well, what my marketing teacher didn't know is that I had about 90 minutes of spare time each day between my classes and wrestling practice where I was starting my own online business.

I was creating ideas...

I was turning those ideas into products...

I was marketing those products...

Russell Brunson Wrestling for Boise State
Russell wrestling one of his last matches
at Boise State University in Boise Idaho

And I was secretly making HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS using the marketing concepts I had developed to sell my products on the internet!!!

If you're looking for a simple, no B.S. blueprint that holds you by the hand and shows you what it takes to build an online empire with the least amount of time and money possible, than this will be the most important message you'll ever read.

Because I'm about to share with you the exact money-making blueprint I use everyday to grow my business to a high six-figures while I was in school full time and now well over a seven-figure a year online business.

But before I do, I want to share with you a very powerful story that has literally been worth millions of dollars to me.

Sell The Shovel - Don't Dig For Gold

Sam Brannan - Shovel SalesmanSam Brannan was a merchant in San Francisco who lived during the Gold Rush days. Everyone in the city was going absolutely bonkers over finding gold...

It was nuts!

So, one day, Sam came up with an astonishing idea that would form the basis for the most lucrative lesson ANY entrepreneur should learn...

He went out and bought all the shovels in San Francisco and set up shop. After he was done hoarding all the shovels, there wasn't a single shovel to be found in the entire city!

Then he grabbed some gold-dust, and ran through the streets like a crazed lunatic yelling...

"There's gold in the American river!
There's gold! There's gold!"

Believe me, this created mass hysteria in the city! Everyone rushed out to buy shovels to dig for gold!

Well...guess who had all the shovels?

As you can imagine, Sam Brennan made a killing selling shovels to this insane mob... way more that he would have ever made if he set out to dig for gold himself!

And that's how Sam became San Francisco's first selling the shovels!!

Now, there is a powerful, powerful lesson behind this story:

Despite Popular Opinion...
You Want To Become A "Shovel Seller!"

Recently one of my favorite guru's Dan Kennedy coined this term for people who become rich by "teaching people how to get rich." 

Because of this it's received a negative connotation. 


If you look outside of the "get rich quick" realm, you'll see that in almost every industry, the people making the MOST money are making money selling some types of shovels!

Let me show you a few examples:

Industry Shovel
Dieting How To Lose Weight
Golfing How To Increase Your Drive
Real Estate How To Flip Properties
Gardening How To Grow Your Own Food
Bowling How To Have A 300 Game
Potato Guns How To Shoot A Spud 300 Yards
(Yes - this is one of mine)

And the list could go on and on and on forever...

You see, there is a LOT more money in teaching people HOW to do something than there is actually doing that "something"!

There are thousands of markets who are thirsty for "how-to" information that can be tapped into in a heartbeat!

Don't believe me? Here are some examples of a few "shovel sellers" who have made it big:

The "Shovel Seller" Hall Of Fame!

Carleton Sheets

Carleton Sheets - No Money Down Real EstateI'm sure you've seen his infomercial on TV. He's the guy that sells "no money down" real estate investing videos, audios, and literature to beginners.

He has degrees in psychology, speech, and business....and literally could have done anything he wanted. But most of his money is made selling his "How-to" courses via infomercials.

Heck, who knows if he's even sold a single piece of real estate in years!

Matt Furey

Matt Furey - Master of Combat Sports & Marketing GuruA former national champion wrestler and master of combat sports, he went on to create numerous combat fitness and wrestling courses.

He was able to turn an old public domain wrestling course (called "The Farmer Burns School Of Wrestling") convert it to a derivative work, and turn it into a million dollars of income!

This was a LOT more than he would have earned if he would have continued to compete in wrestling and kung-fu tournaments!

Joe Polish

Joe Polish - Carpet Cleaning MillionaireJoe used to be a carpet cleaner who used direct response marketing tactics to launch the profitability of his business.

Pretty soon, his carpet-cleaning buddies started asking him, "How'd you do that!"

So he create a course on how to grow your carpet cleaning business and made a LOT of money!

Needless to say, he doesn't have to clean carpets anymore!

Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad Poor DadYou've probably seen his "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" books in the financial section in the local bookstore. Kiyosaki is an owner of many business and an expert investor.

But when he came out with the "Rich Dad" books that teaches people how to make money for themselves and NOT someone else, he started making a killing! (He even came out with a board game!)

I don't know if he's making more from his books than his current investments, but his books continue to be bestsellers!

Now a LOT of my "shovel selling" friends in internet marketing are going to be a little ticked off when they read this letter. They want to keep you on the OTHER side of the keep selling shovels so you can keep digging for that gold!

But as an successful "shovel-seller" myself, it is my duty to finally spill the beans on where the REAL money is made in internet ANY niche for that matter.

Wouldn't it be great to finally stop digging for that gold, and become the "go-to" person when it comes to selling shovels in your niche?

So Russell, How Do I Hang Up My Job And Start Selling Shovels In My Niche?

OK.. here's where it gets a little complicated.

Before I finally learned this important lesson and took my online business into seven-figure land...

...and shared the stage with famous marketers like Mark Joyner, Brad Fallon, John Carlton, Mike Filsaime, Michel Fortin, and Carl Galletti...

I had to go drop-dead broke first!

I'm not kidding! Here's what happened...

Russell Brunson & his wife Collette BrunsonIn 2002 I married my best friend Collette.  At the time I was still wrestling and going to school full time, and she was working to put me through school.

Because of NCAA regulations, even if I did have some time, they wouldn't allow me to have a real job, so I tried to earn some money online to help support our new family.

Lemme tell you, I was pretty darn particular about where I plunked down my money to educate myself about marketing. Heck, I only had an hour or so of free time a day between classes and wrestling practice to take action on what I learned.

Believe me...Being a poor college student with a new wife, there was absolutely NO margin for error.

I Had To Either Hit A "Home Run"
With My Business Or Starve!

So I started experimenting with various "turn-key" online business opportunities and bought a lot of marketing courses. Believe me, I kept really close track of how this stuff was affecting my bottom line.

Unfortunately, I went through two years of painful trial and error before I had any success in my online business. I think I must have fallen for every scam and “get rich quick” trick online.

Most Of Them Didn't Do Jack-Squat For Me,
Except Put Me Further In Debt!

The bottom line is this: I got ripped off a lot. Wasted my money. And I'll bet your dollars to donuts you've been burned, too, in the internet marketing game.

Heck, I think every serious internet marketer has been cheated--because there's so much garbage out there, and no objective scorecard to help you decide what works and what's real.

It's frustrating. Yet, when you want to make real money online in any niche, you need help.

But how do you know who to listen to when it comes to building a real online business?

I've got to admit that it's hard, and it's just getting harder.  In fact, did you know that, in November 2006, there were at least 34 product launches that I knew about teaching one segment or another about internet marketing!?!?

Thirty Four!

Now I'm not a genius, but I know they can't be all the "best."

In fact, I KNOW they aren't!

Here's why:

I get almost 20 offers a day from internet marketers who want to joint-venture with me. I always tell them to send a physical copy of the course for me to review.

I've seen a truckload of audiotapes, CDs, DVDs, transcripts come through the office. Unfortunately, based on my own wallet-draining experience in college...

Most Of Them Are Not Even Close To Being
The Best Available! Even The Stuff From The
Wannabe "Guru's" With A Limited Track Record
Are Mediocre At Worse

Even the products that ARE worthwhile only deal with one small segment of what it takes to sustain a thriving business.

For example, once you buy the course on traffic generation, you have to then buy the course on list-building, copywriting...

And on, and on, and on...

In other words, you'd have to buy a whole slew of courses (and drop thousands of dollars!) just to get a decent snapshot of what it takes to succeed in internet marketing!

Sure, you can outsource this stuff. But you've gotta know what to outsource!

And you have to have at least a slither of knowledge of what you're outsourcing, so that you'll know if the person you hired doesn't rip you off by doing a crappy job.

Here's the deal: Internet marketing (especially the "how to make money" niche) has skyrocketed in recent years. It's now a 100 million dollar industry, and everybody with access to a computer and an internet connection wants to get a piece of it.

They Want Your Money!

But who can you trust -- with hundreds of info-products out there screaming for your attention?

How can you be sure where to spend your money so that you can finally break through the barriers and start having real success?

I'll tell you this: you cannot trust the advertising. They're mostly written by professional copywriters who are trained to make any internet marketing product sound good...regardless if it actually is or not.

Do you know how most wannabe "shovel sellers" create an info-product to sell? They sit around, get ideas from internet forums (and other people's ebooks) and throw together a mishmash of "maybe's" in an ebook.

Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't.

They don't have a clue! It's all guesswork and advertising and posturing. They spend up more time thinking up a clever name for the ebook and devising another hyped-up product launch then they do substantiating their claims....

And when people DO have a moneymaking system with some proof (if it hasn't been Photoshopped or stolen off someone else's website) is based on some short-term fad that will leave the unsuspecting customer penniless in a couple months.

And if you fail using their system, they'll hide behind their disclaimer and smugly tell you to your face,

"Hey, It's not MY responsibility that you
got screwed out of $10,000!"

You see, that's exactly what happened to me in college. Before I finally got my act together and stumbled upon my own moneymaking blueprint...

I Got Sick And Tired Of Being A Human "Guinea Pig" For The Fly-By-Night "Shovel Sellers" Who Don't Understand -- Or Don't Care --About SERIOUS Marketers!

And...believe it or not, I was not alone!

One day I received a phone call from my Dad telling me that one of my brothers was struggling financially, and he wondered if I'd be willing to put on a little workshop for him and show him exactly what I was doing online.

I told him I'd love to spend a few days showing my brother what I was doing, so we set up a date for him to come to Boise.

Now, a few days later I received another interesting call from my dad. 

He told me he had mentioned my "workshop" to a few of my cousins and some old high school friends and THEY WANTED TO COME TOO!!!

Now this was starting to get interesting...

So I decided that if I was going to have a crowd coming to Boise anyway, I might as well invite a few of my best clients to come to.

So I offered to let them come to our workshop for only $10,000.

Ok - I know what you're saying... Only $10,000 ?!?!

You see, $10k is a lot of money, but I wasn't going to be sharing some thoughts or theories, or hold anything back, because I was going to be teaching this to my family and closest friends and I wasn't holding ANYTHING back!!!

So, how much would an opportunity like this be worth to you?

Well, from those who are taking action from what they learned at the seminar, it's been worth a whole lot more then the $10k they spent to find out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about internet marketing!

Now I'll tell you more about this "top secret" seminar a little later. But---right now--we need to call "time out" and shatter some of these myths on running a successful internet business:

Common Myths
Of Internet Marketing

-- Myth #1--

"The Money's In The (Insert Latest Buzzword)"

Listen...I don't know how many times I've heard this phrase tossed around in Internet forums and products people have sent me to evaluate for possible JVs.

Here's the deal: It takes a LOT more than than solely the "list, product, sales letter, and affiliate partners" to build a successful internet business.

For example, you can have a huge list, but if your products are garbage, or if you don't know how to properly "train" your list to respond to your offers, the size of your list doesn't mean squat!

It's like a four-legged stool. If you're missing one leg, the whole darn thing is going to topple over!

-- Myth #2--

"The Big MONEY Is In Selling $27 dollar Ebooks "

Oh boy. I literally cringe when I hear about internet marketers who focus solely on making a killing by selling that single electronic ebook.

They'll concentrate on spending hours tweaking their pay-per-click campaigns and split-testing in hopes of getting that 0.01% increase in conversion rate.

Lemme tell you, if that was my strategy while going to college, I would be working at McDonald's right now asking customers...

"Would you like a large sized orange juice with your Egg McMuffin meal?"

Listen, I could care less if I make a single cent with my entry- level ebooks software products. Because I can make 10X more money using the customers I already have with 10X less effort!

-- Myth #3--

"Uh Oh...Google Just Laid The Smackdown On My Site...How Am I Ever Going To Succeed At Internet Marketing?"

I remember when the great "Google Slap" took place across Internet Marketing land. Many marketers who were using Google Adwords to drive traffic to their sites literally lost their shirt!

Was I one of them?


The reason my cash flow statements stayed level during that time is because I diversified my traffic.

Heck, I barely use Google Adwords anymore. Why? Because there are MANY ways to get traffic to my websites without paying a cent to Google, Yahoo, or MSN!

In fact, almost 75% of my traffic is absolutely FREE! It literally took me years sitting in my office to recognize this (and learn how to do it), but once I got my money-making system figured out...summoning a torrent of laser-targeted traffic to my sites was a cinch!

-- Myth #4--

"You Must Protect Your Intellectual Property No Matter What!!! "

You see, I get ripped off a LOT...

There's not a single week that goes by when I don't find out about someone whose stolen one of my websites or plagiarized one of my products.

Now don't get me really ticks me off that there are people out there that would stoop that low. But I seriously don't worry about all that stuff.

Why, you ask?


I know that I can literally run circles around anyone with my marketing. Since developing my seven-figure blueprint while in college...I've been able to out market 99% of anyone out there.

Heck, I could send the thief all my products and sales letters and STILL humiliate him with my marketing!

I know that if anyone is lazy enough to swipe one of my sites, they aren't going to put forth a fraction of effort it takes to make that site a success.

Plus, the time it takes to go after these clowns can be used to build another website or think of new money-making ideas!

These crucial points don't even scratch the surface of what I learned after four years of reading ebooks, browsing forums, and purchasing courses before I finally stumbled across my own million dollar blueprint.

But what gets me is that not everyone's doing them! This is stuff they don't teach you in school, and most forums and $97 ebooks totally "miss the boat".

You may think it takes some sort of marketing genius to implement these principles.

But lemme tell you, I ain't no genius. Heck, I barely had a 2.0 grade point average in college!

But, once I finally "got it", I was able to skyrocket my online business into seven-figure land in under 2 years!

Having These Cash-Sucking Secrets Delivered To You
Is Like Getting A Key To Fort Knox!

Recently I received a few emails from some people who felt they would never succeed with their online business and were about to give up.

It made me sick to think that they were about to give up on their dreams of what an online lifestyle can provide and I wanted to help them.

I wanted to create something that would be complete and would actually deliver on its promises. It won't require people to buy another ebook or course to learn the next step of what it takes to run a successful internet business.

In other words, I wanted to create something that taught the FULL picture of internet marketing instead of all the segmented learning that I see everywhere online.

Something that was a COMPLETE A-To-Z blueprint of the internet marketing game.

Then it dawned on me:

Why Not Sell My $10,000 Seminar
I Did Several Months Ago?

I've got to admit... I wasn't too sure about that one. I mean, I really over delivered at this seminar. I went through my business in excruciating detail and laid out case study after case study of how I transformed simple ideas into million dollar products.

Heck, I even got my Father (whose a specialist on business legal structure) to give a presentation. My wife and twin boys were in attendance as well, which was really special.

In other words, to be frank, that seminar has great sentimental value to me, and turning it into just another internet course wouldn't do it justice.

But that's not all: the material presented was high-level training. Just releasing raw footage of the event would have been too overwhelming for some people. 

(I was also afraid the seminar attendees, who spent $10,000 and took time off from work and their families to attend, would be royally ticked that people would have access to this information in their living rooms!)

So I thought it over for awhile and decided, "Aww, what the heck!"

Making money on the Internet is what I have devoted my entire life to. I am extremely passionate about it, and enjoy watching others succeed.

Plus, I did not have any help when I was starting out, and I wanted to give back to the internet marketing industry that has treated me (and my family) so well.

So I gathered all the footage from my $10,000 "top secret" event, cut and pasted all the footage into a connect-the-dots easy format that ANYONE can follow, and bottled it up into an amazing course guaranteed to put you on the fast track to wealth and happiness...


The DotCom Secrets Home Study Course

Internet Marketing Training Course
*Above is Dot Com Secrets multimedia home study course.  It's a complete A to Z Blueprint on how to build your own information marketing business online even if you have no money, no experience and no time...


"Complete A-To-Z Blueprint For A Long Term Business!"

He covers from A-To-Z everything you need to know for a dotcom business. (Russell) really does a good job systematically going through each step of the process from ground level on up….I was just thrilled with the information—there was so much there to take home, process it, and begin to plan.  It was a wonderful opportunity!

 Joey Johnson

Now, I am going to tell you more about this amazing course in just a moment. But first, we need to get very, very clear on something:


In fact, there are some people I hope never find out about this course.

I'm dead serious.

This stuff is NOT for lazy people who prefer to spend their time in from of the boob tube watching Desperate Housewives, Survivor, or American Idol...instead of building a lucrative business.

So, I am telling you now -- do not even think about buying this course unless:

  • You are serious at excelling at internet marketing and are ready to "take it to the next level". I meet a lot of people at seminars who are intensely dedicated to making money online. You can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices...they are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, even if it means skipping watching Monday Night Football. So, if you've got the "Eye of the Tiger" and practically live and breathe internet marketing, than the DotComSecrets course is for you!
  • You are willing to sink your teeth into this material and take full advantage of this rare opportunity to learn from someone who's actually done it! I read a statistic that only 10% get past the first DVD of a course. That's ridiculous! So if you are one of the 90% who's not going to take action and will use these DVDs as coffee coasters, then don't bother.

Are you still with me? Good. I am darned proud of this new course. It's got more integrity, content, and honest value than anything I've ever released or seen....

...and that includes some of the "dud" info-products I see rolling into my office daily!

You see, we personally spent four exhausting months splicing 36 hours of raw footage from that event and cramming it onto 14 DVDs of wall-to-wall content.

We edited out all the videos of me fumbling around with the PowerPoint projector, idle chit-chat, and ANYTHING that wouldn't help you jumpstart your online empire.

It was very important that I presented this material in the clearest way possible, because many of the people at the event were complete beginners, yet others were long time internet veterans. 

Willie Crawford - Internet Marketing Guru

"I'd Rate Him A "Grand Master of Internet Marketing!"

What strikes me about Russell and his course is that he is very much a rising star in this industry! He's build a very real multi-million dollar business.

Russell's has taken a lot of things that he learned and took massive action. In his course, he shares what he learned from various individuals... he mentions specific forum threads.

He is THE guy to keep an eye on in 2007. He sees things, evaluates them, and then takes massive action... with amazing results that leave many of us old-timers asking "Where did he come from!"

He also challenges, and disproves some of the things you read [elsewhere]. He has a regular office staff for example.

His power of observation and business sense is VERY well developed. I'd even rate him a "Grand Master of Internet Marketing."

 Willie Crawford

Now let me tell you about these 14 DVDs and what you'll learn (pay attention to the cool videos too!).

Internet Marketing Training Course

The first DVD is a brief introduction from me where I outline the breakthrough strategies covered in the DotComSecrets course. If this doesn't get you rarin' to take action start making money better call 911 before rigor mortis sets in...

DVD Volume 1:
Ready, Fire, Aim - Developing The Millionaire Mindset

Dot Com Secrets Internet Marketing Course DVD 1

Click The Play Button To See A Short Video Clip From This DVD

Here's Just A Small Sample Of Things
You'll Discover on DVD Volume One...

  • The MOST important thing you MUST do when you get your hands on this course. (it ain't brainstorming product ideas, networking with other internet marketers, or building your customer list). (10:16)
  • The three words that I live by everyday that enabled me to push through all those failed projects in college AND continue to internalize to this day! (12:27)

  • The one thing that my hero Brian Tracy once said that you MUST internalize if you have chance to succeed in internet marketing (or ANY business, for that matter!) (14:11)
  • The four words you must repeat to yourself that will LITERALLY FORCE you to think creatively whenever you want to buy something (this will keep you out of spiraling debt AND add to your business savvy at the same time!) (16:42)
  • The one question you have to ask yourself before you embark on ANY goal. (I know my answer to this is IMPORTANT that you develop yours!) (19:24)

  • The one important thing I did when I reached rock bottom in my business.  (if you don’t do this, you are wasting your time (22:31)
  • Got no money to start your business? Think you need to spend your money to make money? I’ll share what I did to ignite a spark in my floundering business. (24:24)
  • The one type of information product you must be creating if you want to catapult your chances of having success with internet marketing. (Joe Polish uses this strategy daily...and you can too!) (30:39)
  • The “insider "secret used by top marketers to leverage the innate value of their products over and over again. (This can have a HUGE difference in your bottom line!) (34:41)
  • The type of advertising that's WAY more effective than ANYTHING that mega companies like McDonald’s or Goodyear have ever attempted. (38:07)
  • The three ‘M’ s of marketing and why you must concentrate on ALL of these before you have any success in online business. (38:50)
  • The seven CRITICAL tips you have to implement when starting your online business. This totally "flies in the face" of traditional businesses, and is something I had to piece together myself when I was starting out. (40:18)

The next DVD talks about the most important subject that allowed me to build a million dollar business with very little spare time in college: Outsourcing.

You see, I run into many "wannabe" marketers who think they can do it all themselves.  I'm talking about copywriting, programming, web design...everything.

Trouble is, you might launch a site or two a year...if you're lucky. That's not even close to what is possible if you leverage other people's time correctly.

There's no need to sit around worrying about whether or not the person you hired will do a good job or get finished on time.

After you watch this DVD, you'll have all the tools you need to hire people from all over the world to do work for you (and assure yourself they'll do it right!)

To be frank, that's the only way you'll be able to grow a thriving internet business...and still have time to play with the kids and take that trip to Mexico you've always dreamed about!

If you can master outsourcing, you can master this business!

DVD Volume 2:
The Power Of Leverage Through Outsourcing

Dot Com Secrets Internet Marketing Course DVD 2

Click The Play Button To See A Short Video Clip From This DVD

Here's Just A Small Sample Of Things
You'll Discover on DVD Volume Two...

  • How to determine the value of your time (This is important--it will give you a "stepping stone" for deciding what you want to tackle yourself and what to delegate). (3:24)

  • The one quote by the real estate guru Ron LeGrand that sums up my philosophy of business (Cut out and paste this quote on your wall, tattoo to your WHATEVER it takes to internalize this quote if you want to excel at online business...and still maintain your sanity!) (5:24)

  • The absolutely first thing that you need to outsource ASAP if you want to give yourself more time to grow your business. (I gain an extra 4 hours a day by outsourcing this task!) (6:00)

  • How to determine whether or not to outsource something...or whether or not you should do it yourself. (10:30)

  • What people really want when they buy your ebook. (13:32)

  • My drop-dead favorite place to outsource projects (I haven't had a bad experience there yet!) (15:25)

  • Need a script or a program? Check out this website for a whole slew of programmers just waiting to take on your project! (17:32)

  • The one sneaky line you must put in your for-hire ads that will appeal to the pride of your bidder and plummet the bid price for your job! (18:25)

  • My unwavering criteria for choosing who I want to hire (Hint: It ain't the lowest bidder!). (19:24)

  • The single CORRECT way to write a for-hire ad. (Bidders completely understand what you want AND you'll protect yourself from other marketers who want to hijack your ideas! (23:24)

  • The one invaluable method you can use to prevent people from "cloning" you on the for-hire sites. (You'll be SHOCKED at how many people will be gunning for you once you start making tremendous profits!) (25:26)

  • "James Bond' tactics for playing psychological mind games with your bidders and encourage lower bids (this is totally ethical, of course!) (26:20)

  • How I turned $500 of cheap labor per-month into a $100,000 windfall. (32:32)

  • How to properly communicate to your employee EXACTLY what you want. (This will ensure you get what you want the first time and save you time, money and headaches). (36:52)

Coming right up on the next DVD are surefire strategies to create killer websites using my advanced website strategies.

Believe me, it is extremely important to get the skinny on how to properly design a website in order to maximize your traffic flow. Here's what you'll learn on this DVD that will boost your sales...and your bottom line!

DVD Volume 3:
Advanced Website Tactics

Dot Com Secrets Internet Marketing Course DVD 3

Click The Play Button To See A Short Video Clip From This DVD

Here's Just A Small Sample Of Things
You'll Discover on DVD Volume Two...

  • Wanna get the drop-dead easy shortcut for getting the gist of this complicated computer stuff? Head into the bookstore and pick up one of these! (2:32)

  • The one style you want to create your webpage in (almost ALL my pages are written this way) (4:32)

  • Killer PHP and MySQL techniques anybody can implement for their websites (and it doesn't matter if you don't know a lick of code!) (7:11)

  • The one thing you must do to make your website creation process infinitely better (and cheaper too!) (10:35)

  • Tips on how to tailor your website for people who are still using dial-up and small monitors (you cannot get the sale if your customers cannot view your website!) (12:08)

  • The optimum load time for your website (anything more and your literally letting money flow through the cracks of your business!) (13:09)

  • How to create web images that load fast and don't hog up the entire site (15:39)

  • The difference between GIFs and JPEGs and how to avoid artifacts when creating your images. (17:15)

  • What information you SHOULD be collecting from your customer when they visit your site (your marketing strategy will be "dead in the water" if you don't have these vital stats. (20:00)

  • The One browser you should be using at all times (if not, you might as well hand your computer to a hacker!) (20:59)

Still with me? Good. In the next DVD, my Dad (whose created three business and an expert on legal business structure) gets up and talks about the legal aspects of running a marketing business.

This DVD is important. If you plan on building an online empire, you'd better get your 'ducks in a row' when it comes to the legal aspect of things.

Now this isn’t the boring-as-heck stuff they teach you in school. In fact, a couple people came up to my Father after his presentation and told him they learned more than they did in four years of college!

Here is what you’ll learn about the legal aspect of the internet biz:

DVD Volume 4 And 5:
Creditors And Preditors

Dot Com Secrets Internet Marketing Course DVD 4 & 5

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Here's Just A Small Sample Of Things
You'll Discover on DVD Volume Two...

  • The top five reasons why you have to have a legal business structure (believe me, it will save you a LOT of headaches in the long run) (4:23)

  • How you can be vulnerable to liability (We are living in a litigious society, and it is CRUCIAL that you know the risks you could run into. (10:49)

  • Dreadful horror stories of how you can get sued in a heartbeat. (if this doesn't motivate you to get a lawyer, than you better check your pulse!) (21:49)

  • How to defend yourself against the vultures out there who take extreme pleasure of taking everything you own in a lawsuit (37:21)

  • The top two ways you can run your business and how you can determine the cheapest path to take. (51:41)

  • The skinny on general partnerships (This stuff is PUR GOLD if you ever partner up with someone!) (46:51)

  • The inside scoop on limited partnerships and trusts (and how the government can literally clean your clock if you don't set things up right!). (DVD2 - 5:46)

Next up is Product Creation.

This my favorite part of the whole business.  In fact, I devote 2 whole DVDs to this important subject!

We talk about creating audio products, video products...the sky’s the limit.

In fact, I dig waaaay deep into my bag of tricks and present over 21 ways to create your own product!

"More Product Ideas Then You Can Fit On Your Hard Drive!"

"A lot of things he taught I had learned, but he pointed out things that I was missing. For example, in the product creation section, he gave me 21 different steps for creating a product! My problem now is that I have too many ideas and too many products I need to create!"

—  Jacob Stein

We also talk about creating membership sites, generating residual income, and a whole bunch of awesome stuff like that!

You see, I credit my success to being able to think of breakthrough product ideas.  So if you’ve been slamming your head against the wall trying to think of new product ideas, than stick these DVD into your player and Press PLAY!

DVD Volume 6 And 7:
Creating Killer Products

Dot Com Secrets Internet Marketing Course DVD 6 & 7

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Here's Just A Small Sample Of Things
You'll Discover on DVD Volume Two...

  • Think you know what your market wants? Think Again! Here's the right way for determining if a product is going to be a "home run" or a strikeout! (1:30)

  • A case study on how survey questions can lead you to what customers really want in a product (Hint: you'll have a DUD on your hands if you don't heed the lesson in this story! (6:52)

  • The CORRECT way to pose a question in a survey that has tested time and time again to gain the most responses from your target market! (9:18)

  • How to convince your target market to submit their most critical question...and increase your responses! (10:18)

  • Discover how to determine a market's potential using simple tools on Web (this stuff wasn't available 20 years ago!) (13:30)

  • A case study on how I tapped into a target market's passionate sweet spot using a book I didn't write! (18:30)

  • How a product funnel works (you should be making at least $100,000 a year implementing this strategy - I cringe at the number if marketers who are leaving thousands of dollars on the table!). (19:20)

  • How to create a million-dollar product funnel (This is the MOST IMPORTANT lesson on this DVD...and your ticket to even greater profits!) (22:44)

  • Discover the very first product you should create if you want to maximize your customer value. (This is BIG...I am completely dumbfounded that even the best marketers aren't doing this!) (24.41)

  • My closely-guarded secret on how I unveil my high-ticket item to my list in a manner that will maximize sales! (25:39)

  • 21 Foolproof methods for creating your own product. (DVD2 - 2:59)

Coming up is Sales Letter Creation (a.k.a....Copywriting).

This is the most important aspect of any direct marketing business…online and offline. This is how you communicate your product to your customers and urge them to buy!

This isn’t like writing some English paper in school.  It is totally different. You have to be able to connect with your target if you were talking to her at a restaurant.

Nothing gets done unless the copy is written!  And it has to be written in a fashion that will get your reader to do what you want them to do:


Believe me, when you have this skill, you can write your own paycheck!    So hold on to your seat because, on this DVD, I am going to give you a quickie course on on how to write a kick-butt salesletter that will suck the cash out of your customer’s wallet like a vacuum on steroids!

DVD Volume 8:
Writing Cash Sucking Copy

Dot Com Secrets Internet Marketing Course DVD 8

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Here's Just A Small Sample Of Things
You'll Discover on DVD Volume Two...

  • What true cash-sucking copy REALLY is (it's not slogan- based image advertising that you see plastered on the television every night while watching "Grey's Anatomy") (4:48)

  • The one thing you MUST get straight in your head before you write a single word of copy (heck, even before you go into business in the first place!) (5:45)

  • The proper way to write a sales letter so that you don't bore your reader to tears. (7:10)

  • How to touch deep down into your target prospect's emotional "sweet spot," and make them truly feel the need for your product. (8:41)

  • How to properly "set up" your customer and get them started down the "greasy slide"...all the way down to your order button! (13:17)

  • What really motivates the customer to buy, and how you can tap into this fact to make them salivate for your product! (15:00)

  • The bank account-swelling structure of a sales letter (this tip is critical! Mark Twain once said "The confused mind always remains undecided". Here's how you prevent this from happening! (16:25)

  • How to induce multiple instances of curiosity in your copy (this technique induces so much "mental tension" in your prospect. they won't be able to sleep until they buy your product! (17:12).

  • Where most people first glance on a website, and how you can maximize that stat to increase your sales! (21:55)
  • How to plant critical "attention-grabbers" in your copy that will that stop "looky-loos" dead in their tracks! (22:58)

  • How to write compelling headlines that stop your prospect dead in their tracks and FORCES them to read! (24:03)

  • How to melt away questions and concerns about your product and convince them that YOUR solution is just what the doctor ordered! (26:40)

  • How to write strong benefit filled bullet points that will cement your prospect's decision to buy your stuff. (29:58)

  • The key to effective risk reversals and how to ease the customers mind when they buy from you. (32:58)

  • The skinny on dealing with refunds (and how you can avoid the HUGE mistake I made when it came to dealing with them!). (34:46)

  • How to effectively close your customer and tell them to do what you want them to do...put their money into your bank account! (34:56)

  • How to construct an effective order form and the one strategy that has been proven to boost your response by up to 38%! (41:11)

  • How to craft an effective upsell that can boost your ROI with literally no effort at all! (43:40)

  • The correct place to put testimonials in your sales letter (NOT "wherever the heck you feel like it!") (46:37)

  • How to hotwire a crafty P.S. that reinforces your buyer's decision to buy! (48:14)

  • The importance of creating an "irresistible offer" that makes it a drop-dead easy decision to do business with you! (49:27)

  • The undisputable power of "reason why" copy and how it can haul your prospect into a love affair with what you sell! (59.31)

Finding target customers on the Internet is a piece of cake...if you know how to do it!

Trouble is, most people are stuck on the old paradigm that you have to pay Google, MSN, or Yahoo to advertise your product.

On this DVD, I show you how to go out and find targeted customers on the Net and subtly introduce your product and services to them (without royally ticking them off!):

DVD Volume 9:
Finding Your Target Customers

Dot Com Secrets Internet Marketing Course DVD 9

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Here's Just A Small Sample Of Things
You'll Discover on DVD Volume Two...

  • The one thing that you must determine before you even think about selling your product! (3:20)

  • My ingenious method for tripling your profits with essentially the same product! (a LOT of marketers have huge windfalls right under their nose!) (5:11)

  • How you can tap into the power of the Internet to reach a vast array of customers (11:20)

  • The one foolproof method for finding exactly which forums to target for your marketing (and not to waste time on the "duds" (13:20)

  • How to successfully target forums and message boards for your marketing efforts. (16:11)

  • The proper use of blogs and how you can get a
    starving crowd" coming back for more...again and again! (if you don't have a blog yet, you're NUTS!) (17:11)

  • How to properly conduct yourselves in forums so that you can foster lasting relationships with members (and NOT tick them off!) (20:01)

  • How to boost the click through rates of your signature files in forums (I swear, NOBODY is doing this!) (23:16)

  • A cool case study on how to exploit forum marketing and increase the flow of targeted traffic to your websites. (24:52)

  • Where to send your customers when they click on your signature file (Hint: It's NOT your sales page!) (26:20)

The next DVD deals with List Building.

You see, building a list is huge. When you take the time to build a great list, you can do whatever you want!

All you have to do is send an email and, boom, you make money quickly!

DVD Volume 10:
The Lost Art Of Listbuilding

Dot Com Secrets Internet Marketing Course DVD 10

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Here's Just A Small Sample Of Things
You'll Discover on DVD Volume Two...

  • How to ensure that your emails aren't ticking off the likes of AOL...who can shut you down if they detect you're spamming (and it doesn't matter if you ACTUALLY are or not!) (3:45)

  • How to decipher whether or not people are actually opening your emails (I know a LOT of people who just send out emails and don't have a darn clue if they're even being read!) (7:02)

  • Revealed for the first time EVER: My moneymaking format for creating killer, personalized email promotions! (8:37)

  • The number of emails it usually takes before the customer is FINALLY convinced to purchase your product. (17:48)

  • The optimum size of an autoresponder email (Note: this has been tested again and again on my sites to outpull ANY other length!) (18:46)

  • The secret to creating popups that 1) evade those pesky popup blockers, and 2) shovels the highest number of prospects into your sales funnel. (20:29)

  • The correct call-to-action when it comes to collecting email addresses (it will also ease their concern that you won't sell their address to some spam company). (25:46)

  • How to utilize your "thank-you" page after your customers have signed up (and STOP leaving money at the table!) (26:59)

  • How to personalize your sales page (instead of "Dear Friend", your page will read "Dear John Doe). This is HUGE! Personalization can skyrocket your conversions by up to 42%! (28:28)

  • How to create a lead-pulling squeeze page. (This is your one time chance to watch me walk you through the's almost as easy as "cutting" and "pasting" (31:30)

The next DVD in the DotComSecrets course deals with perhaps the easiest way to make money...joint ventures and affiliates.

You see, one of the reasons my online business is so successful is because we have a killer affiliate program.

Right now, we have over 30,000 affiliates who sell our products around the clock...without ANY effort on our part whatsoever.

That’s right: 30,000 affiliates...and they don't make a cent until they make a sale.

Now that’s Huge!  That’s Power!

Plus, I have a huge network of joint venture partners who promote my products for me. Whenever I am launching a new product, I call 'em up and see if they want a piece of the action.

Now, understand, this is Free Traffic! No need to shell out big bucks to Google and Yahoo when you've got JV partners who'll unleash a flood of targeted traffic to your site for nothing!

Sound great right? We'll, once you check out the eleventh DVD in the DotComSecrets course, you'll be able to do the same!

DVD Volume 11:
Joint Ventures And Building Your Own Affiliate Inferno

Dot Com Secrets Internet Marketing Course DVD 11

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Here's Just A Small Sample Of Things
You'll Discover on DVD Volume Two...

  • The amazing story of how a total Internet "newbie" (who though this whole online thing was a big scam!) started a $15,000 a month business in six months using the power of JVs! (3:04)

  • An extremely potent case study of how one of my closest friends exploited joint ventures to the tune of $850,000 in his first year of internet marketing! (6:01)

  • Think you have to build relationships with people to enjoy the wealth-building perks with JVs? Think again! Discover my top-secret method for obtaining JV partners WITHOUT going through all those hassles! (7:02)

  • The one-step method for deciding the BEST publication for advertising your JV offer. (Get this wrong, and you'll flush money right down the toilet!) (8:39)

  • The critical stats you must have before you even THINK about approaching someone with a JV offer. (It drives me bonkers when people ask me to JV and don't fork over these numbers! (10:32)

  • The absolutely WORST way to approach someone with a joint venture. I see people screw this up this all the time at seminars, but I'm not gonna let it happen to you! (11:02)

  • How just a single joint venture can net $100,000 in a mere three days! (15:46)

  • The absolute BEST way to build relationships with potential joint-venture partners. (Many newbie marketers are too lazy to tap into this pool of potential JV partners...and miss out on a truckload of profits as a result) (17:00)

  • The one moneymaking strategy that will vault your chances of landing multiple JV partners (Do this just once, and JV'ing with you will be a no-brainer!) (18:06)

  • How to PROPERLY condition your customer list to yank out their wallet and buy from you! (Oh boy...I cannot believe how many people botch this up. If you think it's giving them free stuff all the time, think again!) (19:56)

  • How to get people to keep buying from you after the initial sale. (Again, a LOT of marketers are clueless about this, and they are literally leaving money on the table! (23:14)

  • The two lists that are worth the MOST money (and it isn't your customer list!) (25:00)

  • The lowdown on the various shopping carts out there on the Net (and the one I use!) (36:34)

  • How to motivate your affiliates to sell your product (This is one of the reasons my affiliates are dying to promote my products as soon as they are released!) (41:41)

The next DVD deals with generating lucrative Pay-Per-Click Campaigns.

Never before in history has it been possible to create a full-fledged advertising campaign in as little as 8 minutes...

But you have to know what your doing, or you're bank account will run dry!

Here's how you can harness the power of pay-per-click campaigns and get instant traffic to your sites:

DVD Volume 12:
Paid Search Secrets

Dot Com Secrets Internet Marketing Course DVD 12

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Here's Just A Small Sample Of Things
You'll Discover on DVD Volume Two...

  • How to determine if a product idea will be profitable, or will sink like a lead balloon (Believe me, it's better to find this out NOW before you chuck money out the window!)- (2:30)

  • How to determine if you ad campaign will be successful (there are very subtle clues hardly anyone knows about...and could save you mucho buckaroos!)(3:29)

  • How to lift your click through rate out of the doldrums by making this small tweak in your URL. (7:00)

  • The most critical element of your PPC campaign (they say that "content is king", but THIS is queen!") (11:00)

  • A rundown of the fancy keyword tools we use every day that makes keyword research a SNAP! (11:21)

  • How to set up a kick-butt Google Adwords campaign that will launch your ROI into the heavens! (12:01)

  • The one thing you must do to stop wasting useless clicks that will just drain your bank account. (13:15)

  • Where to put your main keyword in your pay-per-click ad (your clickthroughs will jump immediately after you make this simple change). (15:01)

  • How to set up a laser-targeted ad campaign that will guarantee an increase in targeted traffic to your website (and rock-bottom click costs!) (17:05)

  • The secret to mining for relevant keywords for your ad (this is important, and keeps you from paying for "junk" traffic that won't convert. (23:30)

  • The lowdown on broad, phrase, and exact keyword phrasing and how they can increase the profitability of your campaign. (29:00)

  • How to ramp up your negative keywords lists in order to filter out the most "riff-raff" traffic that will NEVER convert (34:33)

  • The one secret all the top marketers know (but most of the "noobs" ignore) that can increase clickthroughs with virtually NO effort at all! (37:38)

The next DVD deals with creating a slew of website traffic without paying a darn cent to the Google or Yahoo via search engines and power linking.

Most of the traffic that flood my websites is totally free. I reveal my bank-bursting strategies on how to harness hordes of traffic here:

DVD Volume 13:
Free Search And The Power Of Linking

Dot Com Secrets Internet Marketing Course DVD 13

Click The Play Button To See A Short Video Clip From This DVD

Here's Just A Small Sample Of Things
You'll Discover on DVD Volume Two...

  • The one type of website you should be concentrating your SEO efforts on (HINT: it sure as heck ain't your sales page!) (5:30)

  • How to summon a boatload of leads into your sales funnel using FREE SEO tactics (7:53)

  • How I harness the power of my blog to to direct a stampede of traffic to my "money sites" (8:30)

  • A brief outline on how search engines gather results, and how you can use this to tweak your website for maximum exposure! (11:45)

  • The one technology that will soon overtake email as the main delivery mechanism for keeping in touch with your customers (get on the bandwagon NOW and throttle your competitors before they "catch on" to this new cool technology!) (13:30)

  • How to use podcasts to cram your pockets with cold hard cash with VIRTUALLY no effort at all! (18:02)

  • How to properly optimize your blog posts for maximum exposure on the search engines (25:30)

  • Discover my step-by-step technique for blog posting and how I determine optimum keyword density (...AND make your post readable!) (26:21)

  • Four lucrative offsite strategies for driving streams of targeted traffic to your site (28:20)

  • The ultimate secret for reciprocal linking (this stuff is SO complicated you'd better outsource it ASAP or start hemorrhaging money!) (30:31)

The next DVD covers what every online marketer MUST implement sooner or later and is the key to taking your business from 6-figures to 7-figures a year: offline marketing.

My profits have skyrocketed in the past couple years using these methods. When you consider that the offline world is vastly greater than online, having an offline strategy can have a HUGE impact on your bottom line!

DVD Volume 14:
Fusing Online And Offline Marketing

Dot Com Secrets Internet Marketing Course DVD 14

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Here's Just A Small Sample Of Things
You'll Discover on DVD Volume Two...

  • The secret offline technology I've been tapping into to expand my marketing into the offline world (This is the first time I'm sharing this valuable information) (03:09)

  • A vital case study where my friend Mike Filsaime blasted his profits through the roof using a stunningly simple offline technique(6:25)

  • Wanna know how to use a phone autoresponder (instead of plain ol' email?) Check out this new service that does just that! (9:56)

  • Cool "ninja" text-message marketing tactics that will put your competitors to SHAME! (10:30)

  • The number one secret Gary Halbert once said that ALL online marketers should heed if they want to have lasting success with their online business (17:34)

  • My surefire plan for building a huge profitable offline list by offering a FREE CD! (22:07)

  • My absolute FAVORITE offline marketing technique that has allowed me to bank thousands of dollars in less than an hour! (28:01)

  • The one thing you MUST have before you even think about putting on a teleseminar that promotes a product. (47:01)

  • How my buddy, Gary Ambrose, absolutely CRUSHED me with his teleseminar promoting the same product that I did (Boy, I learned a lesson from that fiasco!) - (47:21)

But that's not all...

You’ll Also Get Audio CDs Of Every Single Session!

Internet Marketing Audio Course

You see, one of my favorite times of the day is the hour I spend in driving back and forth from work. That’s a special time for me, because I can listen to a lot of self-help courses and seminars.

So instead of listening to music and mindless news (if something important happens in the world...someone will tell me), I gain an entire hour a day I can use to improve my business...and life!

So, if you're strapped for time and aren't able to sit down and watch the DVDs, you can listen to the DotComSecrets course in your car or while your exercising.

Believe me, just an extra 30 minutes per day listening to this material can put you closer to achieving massive success online!

Remember, I only had an hour of spare time every day during college to build my online empire. That single hour has essentially transformed my life into one of wealth and abundance...and it can for you too!

I Am Also Throwing In A WorkBook And A
"Take Action" Plan For Online Success!!

OK, I know that 14 DVDs and 14 CDs can be a little tough to handle. I mean, I wanted to pack this course with SO MUCH information, yet wanted to make sure without a benefit of a doubt that the you are able to take action and put my million dollar plan to use.

Internet Marketing Training ManualSo, I included the following to help you out:

The DotComSecrets Companion Workbook that gives an excellent overview of my million-dollar blueprint. It contains a transcript from a recent seminar where I unveil for the first time how I rake in the big bucks online.

Just acting on this information alone can turn around your business in a New York minute!

And as a special bonus, I'm also going to throw in a copy of The DotComSecrets "Action Checklist" that contains all the money-making steps outlined in the DVDs in easy actionable steps that you can check off as you perform them

This checklist will keep you organized as you go through the material step-by-step...on your way to earning a HUGE income stream enviable to doctors, dentists, and lawyers!

"Avoid Years Of Trial And Error By Learning From The Best!"

"What we learned is that it’s really not that hard to get started.  (Russell) uncovered a lot of secrets and showed us quite a few valuable things  that he’s learned…a couple mistakes and pitfalls to avoid.  It’s nice to (learn from) someone’s experience like that so that we can avoid some of those things!"

—  Greg Bentley

Well, there you have it:

I've Just Given You An Outline That Shows You Exactly System I Used To Take My Online Business From Zilch To Seven-Figure Heaven In Less Than Four Years!

OK, Russell, How Much Does The DotComSecrets Course Cost?

Well, I'll tell you-- it doesn't cost anywhere near as much as it should, considering all the trouble and expense that went into creating it.

I could have kept selling this course for the $10,000 that we charged those who attended the event live, but I wanted to be able to help those who have been in a similar financial situation as I was when I got started.

But let's face it...

This course gets results. And people would pay anything for results.

But one thing I am not is greedy. I did not create this course to take your money! I created it because...

The Internet Marketing Industry Needs It!

Therefore, I am pricing this course at $1,497. $500 Discount first 500 orders only - Only $997 for a limited time!!!

Now lemme tell you, $1497's $997 a steal, considering that the attendees paid $10,000 to attend this top-secret seminar. When you throw in airfare, meals, and hotel, they spent a literal fortune to fly to Boise and learn this stuff.

Not only that, but I regularly charge $1000 an hour phone consultations where 99% of the time, I basically regurgitate what is covered in my DotComSecrets course... since I know it works! (BTW, my fee is going up to $1500/hr in 2007).

Heck, when you calculate the daily cost of my DotComSecrets course over a year, it's only $2.73 a day!

That's a LOT cheaper than buying into a franchise or other business opportunity that requires an enormous upfront cost...

...And you don't have find a location, signing a lease, train managers and staff, pay franchise fees, deal with real estate overhead and insurance woes, and worry about salary and tax payments.

So, for the price that is way less than one of those trendy drinks at Starbucks:

You'll Get A Million Dollar Education That'll Teach
You How To Make Money On Demand!

"Money on demand, you say?"


Let me explain...

Whenever I want to buy a new car, a house, or a cool electronic gizmo or anything else, I don't max out my credit cards and go into an obscene amount of debt to pay for it.

All I have to do is tap into my deep bag of marketing tricks, create an information product and crank out a simple website that will provide me with plenty of residual income to cover the costs for my latest toy.

When you consider that I am creating an income-producing asset to pay for something I want...and NOT raiding my credit cards or tapping into the equity of my home (like most Americans)...

I am essentially getting it for FREE!

Now, I am not going to post pictures of me driving around in my Lexus or chillin' during my Caribbean cruise.

I am also not going to plaster my ClickBank statements all over this page to prove that I am siphoning cash daily into my bank account. I am a very humble person and don't like to show off.

Let's just say that I am doing extremely well in online business. My family and I are essentially set for life as a result of implementing this easy to follow blueprint.

So, when you get your hands on my DotComSecrets course and learn the exact system I accidentally stumbled upon a few years ago as a poor college student...

You'll Have A License to Print Money!

You see, Internet marketing is an information rich subject with so much to learn. It is a fast-changing industry and we need all the information we can get our hands on to stay ahead of the competition.

It just happens that the best and most effective courses ain't cheap!

As I write this, I am looking over at my huge library of info-products that people have sent me to review, (heck, I bought a lot of them myself!).

Here is how much it would cost if you walked into my office and bought every course that deals exclusively with each subject I cover in DotComSecrets:

Traffic Generation
List Generation
JV Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Offline Marketing Tactics

So, for the price of $1497, only $997 you're getting at least $6282 worth of material that will teach you to make money for the rest of your life!

Plus, It would take you months, if not a whole year, to go through all those courses.

Sure, those courses are a LOT more exhaustive in content. But you'll suffer a massive, brain-numbing case of "information overload" trying to absorb all that the point that you won't take action and implement what you learned.

That's what makes the DotComSecrets course so's a concise action plan for creating a lucrative online empire that's laid out in a manner that, as soon as you flick off your DVD player, you can take action immediately and start rolling in the dough!

"Information That's Worth Way More Then What You'll Pay For It!"

"One thing that I guarantee that you will receive from this seminar that is very valuable is that your brain will start to work! You’ll start thinking of ideas you’ve never would have thought of on your own. There is a ton of information here, a lot of value, and it’s worth a lot more than what you put into it, as far as the money goes!"  

—  Eric Wilson

Keep in mind that my family was present at this seminar. I had to present this material in a way that was detail-intensive for the experienced marketers, yet made sense to newbies (like my family) who have never heard of autoresponders or squeeze pages.

But that's not all.

To help make sure that you take action today, I am offering the following exclusive bonuses to the first people that purchase my DotComSecrets course

Exclusive Bonus #1 (Worth $297)


A FREE 30 Minute Consultation With One Of Our "Millionaire Success Coaches"!

To make sure you are on the right track and taking action on what you learned from the course, one of our specially-trained "Millionaire Success Coaches" will contact you for an exclusive 30 minute session!

You'll be able to brainstorm product ideas, traffic strategies and whatever question you may have about the course...or your online business in general.

This session could be the turning point in your online business…and it’s totally FREE when you request your free DVD now!

Bonus #2 (Worth $74):


A FREE 30 Day Month Subscription To "DotComSecrets" Magazine!

Every person that comes to work for me has to sign a non-disclosure agreement NOT to reveal trade secrets of our company. However, the 15 people I have working for me are an extremely helpful bunch and were begging me to undo the ball-and-chain I had them tied to.

So, I decided to give them a forum where they can finally unleash the immense fountain of knowledge on a VERY select few.

The DotComSecrets Magazine was born!

So...with your purchase of my DotComSecrets course, you'll get a FREE 30 day subscription to "DotComSecrets" print magazine. You'll be able to get a monthly "sneak peek" into the trade secrets that helped launch my internet marketing company into the stratosphere!

Bonus #3 (Worth $240):


Eight FREE Follow-Up Teleseminars!

Listen, it's easy for me to send you a package full of DVDs and workbooks and tell you to get to work.

But I want to take it a step further by offering a FREE teleseminar series where I hold you by the hand and go through even GREATER detail about the eight main portions covered in the action guide.

This teleseminar series will also cover a few NEW details that have come to light since this "top secret" seminar was recorded. Considering how valuable my time is these days, I'm going to charge the general public $97 for each teleseminar. But, if you are one of the first 100 purchasers of this course, I'll throw them in for FREE!

So, take advantage of these limited-time bonuses by purchasing my DotComSecrets course today. And, remember, you are backed by the following guarantee:

Your Total Zero Risk
100% Iron Clad
Money Back Guarantee

We offer 100% refunds for this package. Note: Since this is not a digital product, please read the guarantee.

We will ship the entire course and access of the software to you. If you have no intention of reading this course or taking action, please do not order. It is just a waste of your time and ours to ship the product back and forth and transfer money if your do not even intend on applying it, agreed?

We are so confident that when you do study the course, you will start making a fulltime income online. So only buy if you know you are the person who will read it, watch it, and review it as well as take action to finally make your dreams come true.

If within 30 days from receipt of your package, you review the entire course, and you feel this package does not do all that we said it would do for you and more, simply return it to us and we will process your refund. It's that simple.

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Not only that, but Europeans and Americans are growing less paranoid about whipping out their credit card and making purchases online.

Your secret weapon to finally becoming a "shovel seller" is learning the million-dollar blueprint taught in my DotComSecrets course. This course will allow you to run circles around your competition and put your business in the money zone!

Remember, you're backed by my 30 day guarantee. I'm well known in internet marketing circles, and I protect my reputation like a lineman protects his quarterback. If you are not completely happy, for any reason at all, then I insist you ask for a refund.

Believe it or not, I seriously doubt I will do a seminar like this again. I was totally exhausted after planning this seminar, not to mention the four months I spent preparing this course.

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A 14 DVD Collection showing every single money-making tip that allowed me to skyrocket my online business while taking classes, spending time with my wife, and wresting full-time in college.

A 14 CD collection that contain audio tracks from the DVD. I know that I can listen to these CDs in my car, while I'm exercising, or anytime I am too busy to sit down and watch the DVDs.

The DotComSecrets Companion Workbook that gives an excellent overview of your million-dollar blueprint before I get into the nitty-gritty with the DVDs and audios.

The DotComSecrets Action Checklist that contains all the money-making steps outlined in your course in easy actionable steps that I can check off as I do them.

Bonus #1: A FREE 30 Day Subscription To DotComSecrets Magazine that will expose me to the great minds that are instrumental to making your online company an extreme success.

Bonus #2: A FREE 30 Minute Consultation With One Of Your "Million Dollar Success Coaches" that I can mastermind with (or answer my questions if I have any problems).

Bonus #3: A FREE Eight-Part Follow Up Teleseminar Series that you are graciously hosting (considering the value of your time). I understand that you will be reinforcing the main points taught in the DotComSecrets course, as well as bringing up a couple new "changes" to the internet marketing scene since the course was recorded.

2 Easy Ways To Order!!!

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Let's work together to take your business to the next level. 

Your Partner For Profits:

Russell Brunson - Internet Marketing Expert

Russell Brunson
Ready, Fire, Aim

P.S. One more thing -- it's important. We've made extensive improvements to our call center in order to give our "Millionaire Success Coaches" everything they need to anticipate the load. But even so, we may get swamped with orders for this course and fall behind a little bit. So I urge you to order now and avoid any wait you might have to undergo before you hear from us.


"This Has Really Opened My Eyes..."

"Russell has really opened my eyes to the potential of what it available to a businessman whose willing to listen, whose willing to learn, and who embraces an opportunity to dynamically market products, services, books, and any conceivable product to a world market. I never realized the magnitude of (the internet) vs. the brick and mortar experiences of my life!"

—  Bo Johnson

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