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malcolm Welcome to the Dotcomsecrets X blog and newsletter written by Malcolm Robinson

Malcolm Robinson’s journey into online marketing started when the corporate he was working for sent him on an “internet marketing” course in order to create a better online presence for their business. It cost around a thousand dollars, was a complete waste of time and money, and Malcolm basically learnt nothing.

What it did do however was spark an interest in this whole online marketing world. Malcolm soon started to see that ordinary people were leveraging the internet to basically create money out of thin air and completely transform their lives, and how cool is that.

A little flame was lit and so his journey began. He spent the next year going from one training program to the next desperately trying to crack the code with little success. Fortunately for him he was incredibly hard headed and refused to quit.

In Early 2012 Malcolm was fortunate enough to be exposed to the DCSX offer and grabbed it with both hands. This program allowed him to piece everything together and finally start to see the results that had been so elusive.

Malcolm now gets to help train DCSX members and share his own experience in what is and isn’t working in his business. For him one of the greatest gifts that have come from DCSX is being given the opportunity to help people avoid many of the mistakes and pitfalls he made, as well as help them on their own journey to success.

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