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Episode #71 – A Message From Russell At 4:13 AM

Why Russell deleted his entire webinar and spent the last 4 hours rebuilding it from scratch.… Read More


Episode #70 – Random Ramblings From Russell On His Way To Jujitsu

Four life lessons that Russell learned this week, that you can implement to, hopefully, make your life a little bit better.… Read More


Episode #69 – The Butterjuice Cleanse

Russell’s new concoction to give him more energy, flush out his toxins, and loose a ton of weight in a very, very short period of time… Read More


Episode #68 – Converting Buyers Into Clients

Russell shares his hypothesis for the best way to convert his buyers into actual coaching clients. Listen in to see if this will work for your business as well.… Read More


Episode #67 – Max Out Your Tax Bracket

A simple three step strategy to make sure you’re in the highest tax bracket.… Read More


Episode #66 – What Percentage Are You Taking Home?

Russell’s new strategy to take home more money without increasing sales, and what’s the #1 reason why business exists…… Read More


Episode #65 – Look What Attraction Marketing Brought To Me

Over the last 30 days we completely shifted our target market, our ideal customer, and how we communicate with our audience and the results have been amazing…… Read More


[True Story] – he FLUSHED $20 million down the toilet today…

So, yesterday we had a guy apply for my “Inner Circle” program… Read more [...]Read More


Episode #64 – A Tweak On The Daily Seinfeld Emails

Russell just had an epiphany that changes the way he will forever communicate with his email list. Listen to this podcast episode to find out what it is and how you can apply it too.… Read More


consultants BEWARE… (this might actually work for you)

I just got in the office today, and had the chance to hear the tail end of one of our coaching calls… Read more [...]Read More


Episode #63 – The One Thing

How to increase your conversions by un-muddying your offers, and a whole bunch more…… Read More

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